Sawtooth Under Coping


Cheney all-metal flashings cut off and drain out seepage moisture entering a building through porous masonry and imperfect mortar joints.  Cheney uses special deformations in the flashing to bond mortar and form keys in all directions, which take care of expansion and contraction.  These sheets require no soldering.  The ends of the sheets or sections lock and hook together to form water-tight joints.  This positive mechanical bond actually strengthens the wall.  Plain flashings lack such bonding qualities.

Three-way sawtooth bonds in all directions, has weephole drainage and is used in cavity wall situations.  Produced in sheets 112” long, with custom lengths also available.  Allow 3% for laps.


  • Sawtooth design has ribs every 3″, creating 3-dimensional integral bonding with the mortar
  • Maximum sections lengths of 112″
  • Can be fabricated with hemmed drip edges or receivers to accept counter flashing
  • Sealant required at all joints

Alloy Availability

  • Type 304 stainless steel
  • Type 316 stainless steel
  • Bare copper
  • Freedom Gray Copper
  • Lead Coated Copper